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<< The time to get ahead in fitness is NOW >>

It’s never too late to START a stronger healthier, happier you.

Jane Cox is a certified personal trainer, weight loss and fitness nutrition specialist.

* 6-week programme

* 1, 2 or 3 pt sessions per week

* Create and mould your body

* Gain lean muscle

* Fat loss

* Learn different exercises

* Meal plans

* Learn to do exercises safely

* Online support

* Before and afters

Voted HOT Radio Top 5 Personal Trainer in Bournemouth & Poole area. 

I’ve walked the mid-life journey from my 30’s - 5 stone weight gain, depression and addiction, now menopause in my 50’s.

Really I understand every hurdle, every twist, turn and barrier there is in the book that’s stopping you right now to achieving that optimal mid-life health you crave.

Trust the process. If you are intimidated by weights don’t be you will gain strength not bulk.

Teaching correct technique to prevent injury, a bespoke plan designed in a way that works for you the individual. Motivating, working together in this way could transform and change your life as my other clients have discovered, I will be your rock, confident your teacher for long term success.

We all need support with challenges in life whether it be mentally or physically and I’m here for you to lean on with everything from exercise, nutrition, and sometimes a good old fashioned chat.

When you decide you’re open to let a coach guide you it’s a very personal thing so I will be honoured if you contact me today.'

It’s never too late to START!

Active IQ level 2 & 3 qualified personal trainer/nutrition advisor Jane Cox has helped many Bournemouth clients achieve fast results in her private Bournemouth gym and recently her clients now benefit from training from the newly opened PureGym, Mallard Road, Bournemouth.

Beginners - Advanced

Men and Women

Gym Confidence

Group EX

Cables + Free Weight Expert

Meno Fitness and Nutrition

Weight Management

3rd Age Woman – Peri - Post Menopause Wellness Coaching

Fitness magazine writer.

  • Muscle tone and development

  • Core stability

  • Food coaching 

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Bespoke plan

  • Mobility/flexibility/posture

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